Technology has changed the industry and has allowed us to provide our patients with a different perspective in dental care. We are huge believers in the power of technology and witness it daily as it transforms our patients lives and improves dentistry in general. It helps us tremendously be better at what we do. At Savannah Dental, we strive to meet our patients’ needs and comfort, and we do so with the help of the newest technological advancements the dental profession has to offer.


Digital X-ray

X-rays play an invaluable role in the diagnosis of dental problems since they provide a clear picture for accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Rather than using traditional film, we use a digital sensor to take X-rays of your mouth and below are the advantages:

  • Reduced exposure to radiation

  • Less waiting time

  • Shorter appointments

  • Involved in co-diagnosis

  • Better understanding of treatment

Digital Panorex

In order to provide a high quality of care, we will take a panoramic x-ray of your upper and lower jaw. This is done using a machine that rotates around you while you sit stationary. Digital panoramic X-ray produces a full detailed image of your entire mouth. It acts as an additional tool for your continued oral health care by showing us areas of your mouth and dentition a regular X-ray wouldn’t.

Low Noise Tools 

Low noise ELECTRIC Drills are used for patients who are apprehensive to the sound of drills. We focus on reduce dental anxiety while providing quality dental care.

Digital Intraoral Camera 

Designed to allow clinicians to capture and display digital images from inside a patient’s mouth, intraoral cameras are a valuable tool for dentists in diagnosis,  patient education and case documentation.

Dental Loupes & Lighting

Dental Loupes allow dentists to see better and therefore will improve their diagnosis and dental works.

Green commitment

  • We are completely digital and “paper-less” 

  • We use LED light

  •  We use high tech and efficient air compressor and vacuum suction that produces less waste and water consumption.

TV Monitors

Every operatory room comes equipped with a ceiling TV, so you can watch your favorite TV programs while we examine your teeth.

Text & Email Communication

We offer both text and email message services to improve our communication and to make sure you would not forget your next appointment.  

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